Imagen The Paper-Flower Tree

The Paper-Flower Tree

Ayer, Jacqueline | 9781592702244
One wonderful day, an old peddler arrives in the small village in faraway Thailand where a little girl named Miss Moon lives. He brings a tree with him, fashioned of brightly colored paper flowers. How Miss Moon longs to have such a tree! When the old man gives her one of the flowers in parting, she plants its seed―a black bead―and tends it faithfully. Little black beads can't sprout and grow, of course, but Miss Moon's faith is rewarded all the same! Filled with the sights and sounds of Thailand, this touching tale is true to childhood the world over. In these pages, Ayer's bold color and expressive illustrations draw us into a world that feels both intriguingly foreign and wonderfully familiar. Hrdcvoer, 21 x 1.3 x 26.7 cm


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