Imagen Animal Greetings - Mix & Max Stationery

Animal Greetings - Mix & Max Stationery

Terada, Junzo | 9780811873055
Includes 16 sheets of paper, envelopes and labels. Birds and bears! Porcupines and lions. Mix and match these animal friends for completely distinctive correspondence. Junzo is an artist, designer, and illustrator who has had numerous solo exhbitions throughout Japan. He worked as a graphic designer for many years before starting his own studio Comes Graphic. Junzo designs and illustrates a wide range of products including stationery, fabric, toys, keychains, tote bags, album covers, and more-all of which can be found in the Comes Mart store he owns in Osaka, Japan. He has produced a line of journals with Japanese publisher World Com and has recently published a children's picture book with French publisher Didier Jeunesse.