Imagen Anna, Banana, and the Big-Mouth Bet - Book 3

Anna, Banana, and the Big-Mouth Bet - Book 3

Rissi, Anica Mrose | 9781481416122
Paperback. Book 3 in Anna, Banana Series. Anna finds herself standing up to the class clown in the third book of a charming illustrated chapter book series about the joys and challenges of elementary school friendships. Anna has a loose tooth! It?s as wiggly as her dog Banana?s tail. But when Anna is poking at her loose tooth, class clown Justin keeps poking fun at Anna and her friends. Anna tries to make Justin leave them alone and gets pulled into a high-stakes bet. If Anna wins, Justin has to play nice; but if Anna loses, she has to do something so jaw-droppingly embarrassing, even Banana can?t believe it. There?s no wiggling her way out of this one. Anna has to win this bet.